About us

Working in partnership with the community to improve accessibility, in its widest context, for islanders and visitors alike

Who is the Access for All Group?

  • Ambassadors for accessibility in Guernsey
  • User group of disabled islanders reviewing the communities Places, Information, Activities and services to ensure we increase accessibility in its widest form

What does Access for All do?

  • Encouraging access best practice (not minimum standard) for Guernsey
  • Enabling impairment groups to be involved early and engage in change to increase accessibility in the island
  • Encouraging early assessment to reduce time, cost and ensure best practice
  • Signposting to current access best practice, laws, guidance and standards
  • Sharing examples of good practice

Access for All does not cover?

  • We do not provide professional advice, risk or access statements. Although we can signpost to those resources
  • We do not provide States access advice, this is covered by the States departments themselves, The states point of contact is the States Disability Officer
  • We do not provide formal reports or advice for Planning applications
  • Access for all is not a campaigning or lobbying group